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Our Mission

Get FinTechs to Scale

We help build innovative financial products at scale.
FinTechs can provide good banking at scale, with the right type of advice.

Our vision: Internet-connected mobile devices are more efficient and less costly than bank branches for delivering progressive financial services to all.

Our goal: guide innovators through the minefield of regulations, security risks and product architecture mistakes that are most likely to challenge them.

Safe Banking

Compliant & Secure

Financial Services cannot succeed without trust.
We help FinTechs verify the security and compliance of their services

  • Security evaluations: internal and external penetration tests
  • PCI-DSS compliance: SAQ facilitation and vulnerability scans
  • Regulatory compliance: help create policies & processes, train customers

Full Service


We can help you engineer accounts to deliver:

  • Funds deposits: electronic direct deposit, paper checks, cash
  • Payments for goods & services: by card, on demand checks, cash
  • Automated Savings for specific goals
  • Access to credit: secured credit card, installment loans...



We help improve how your business handles funds flows:

  • Distribute: wages, commissions, loan proceeds, insurance claims
  • Control: spending categories, alerts & monitoring
  • Collect: subscriptions, repayments, premiums

Get FinTechs to Scale

Achieve Security
and Compliance


Helping Businesses Handle Funds Flows

& Compliance evaluations
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We can provide several levels of prototypes:

  • Proofs of Concept: your product's functionality or underlying technology are validated.
  • Functional: we'll architect your product in the way it will be deployed .
  • Appearance: preview how your product will look and feel
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At the beginning of a project, we will help create:

  • Use case scenarios
  • Gap analysis
  • Competition analysis
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Specs And Budgets.

We write up:

  • Requirements Specifications
  • Detailed Statements of Work
  • Budget forecasts
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Project Management

We help handle:

  • Work Plans
  • Requirement Specifications for 3rd party vendors
  • Ongoing project coordination tasks and maintenance of Issues Logs
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Security Evaluations

We provide:

  • Security Penetration Tests, both external and internal
  • PCI-DSS evaluations: Self Assessment Questionnaires and Vulnerability Scans
  • See our full evaluation services here.
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QA and Testing

We provide:

  • Software Quality Assurance & Testing services
  • Organization and coordination of QA campaigns
  • See our full range of evaluation services here.


Decades of experience in open-loop payment systems. Regulations-friendly: we ask for permission, not for forgiveness. We innovate fast and iterate often. Get in touch ›

Your customers are your customers: we prefer if you come with your own designers and User eXperience specialists but we can also provide them..

Consumer Payment SYstems

Regulations and Compliance
User Experience Design


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    Build services that can scale easily

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    Avoid regulatory risks

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    Help achieve consumer financial wellness

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Think Big

We seek innovations with scale which leverage existing networks.
We prefer to serve clients with large consumer audiences.

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Be Compliant

We consult with regulators like the CFPB and financial services lawyers before creating new services.

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Positive Impact

We follow guidance from advisory groups like Financial Health Network to ensure that products and services do the right thing.


Business & Regulations


Technology & Security

ID Verification

CIP Scorecard Implementation

Savings Aid

Sub-accounts or purses

Credit Access

Leveraging deposits & savings

Life Time Value

Loyalty & Messaging Engines

Program SetUp

Bank & Processing

Fast Payments

Instant Funding

Microsoft .Net

Model View Controller


html5 css3 bootstrap

Mobile SDKs

JDK + Gradle, iOS SDK

Data Security



Processing & Ancillary


Private / Public Clouds

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